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If you’ve previously used traditional methods of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and only achieved minimum pain relief, you might benefit from asking about the Nevro HF10 system.

The Nevro HF10 system is far superior to older forms of SCS pain relief and helps more individuals with chronic pain regain a more active lifestyle with less discomfort. Nevro HF10 remains superior to traditional SCS systems because:

  • Nevro was designed to be an improvement on conventional SCS and was designated to be a better choice to treat chronic pain relief by the FDA.
  • Nevro has shown to give people significant relief of pain in the back and legs
  • You can use Nevro all day, every day
  • Your driving and coordination will not be compromised when using this device
  • There are no sleep restrictions
  • The only thing you’ll feel is pain relief
  • No daily remote usage is required
  • The battery lasts for ten years or more
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Who is a Candidate for Nevro Treatment?

Only a doctor with the proper training can determine for sure whether you may be a good candidate for using this device to reduce your chronic pain. However, you might be a candidate:

  • If you don’t have a pacemaker
  • If you aren’t pregnant
  • If you have persistent back pain that isn’t due to movement
  • If you have chronic neck pain
  • If you’ve had back surgery but still have pain that isn’t related to movement
  • If you have a peripheral vascular disease or peripheral neuropathy
  • If you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • If other treatments haven’t improved your pain

The Nevro Treatment Plan

Our treatment goal is to find you the most effective treatment therapies that work well to relieve your pain.

The Nevro device delivers electrical energy to areas around the spine and provides HF10 therapy. HF10 therapy remains a preferred way of using electricity to treat chronic pain, as this therapy doesn’t produce a feeling of tingling in specific settings. The system can produce tingling in some settings, however. Before you have a Nevro system implanted, you will be given a trial stimulator to use. The trial Nevro system is placed outside of your body to test whether the system will work for you. A lead or insulated wire connects the trial stimulator to electrodes placed strategically near the spine. A small dose of electrical energy goes from the stimulator to the lead. Or, a cable of insulated wire may be used outside the body to connect the trial stimulator to the lead and next to the spine.

If it is determined that Nevro therapy works for you, an implantable pulse generator (IPG) will be implanted inside the body. Leads connect to the pulse generator so that no external wires will be present after implantation. A power adaptor belt and charger holster protect the charger while the battery recharges. The remote control can turn the IPG off and on, as well as adjust the therapy settings.