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Don’t navigate a personal injury journey alone.

After a personal injury, patients often feel that they are stuck–unable to seek out medical care and pay out of pocket, but in need of healthcare that will allow a return to work and regular activities. With access to a medical team specializing in personal injury cases, you can receive the care that you need right away.

We Work With Liens

Our qualified medical professionals are experienced in workers’ compensation and personal injury needs. Our lien basis means that there is no upfront cost or hidden fees for your consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. The healthcare is paid for out of the settlement that you receive from your injury case.

You don’t need to put off treatment or evaluation if you’ve suffered an injury. You will be scheduled quickly and treated with the utmost care.

How Billing Works

Not every individual can afford a detailed treatment plan when an injury occurs. An at-fault party or insurance company may need to pay out a settlement that will cover your medical bills and other costs. Once you receive your settlement, your attorney will arrange for our services to be paid.

Extra Help

Our medical team also contains expert witnesses that may provide extra assistance during your personal injury case. We are able to confidently and competently provide answers to attorney questions about your injuries and expected future care.

We place our patients above their singular medical needs, and our work with personal injury cases reflects this dedication. Helping you with your injury matters more than medical bills. Contact us today if we can come alongside you in your injury case.