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Don't let hip pain hold you back.

Do you have aching hip pain daily or nightly? Do you find yourself having trouble performing activities you used to enjoy? Is it difficult to walk long distances or climb stairs? With the latest in surgical techniques, our physicians can restore your mobility, comfort, and range of motion.

Hip surgery can provide relief for:

  • Damage to the bone or surrounding tissues
  • Arthritis-related pain
  • Hip fractures

You don't have to trust your hip's health to just anyone.

Our medical team is diversely trained and committed to helping patients of all activity levels reach their full potential.


Have your non-surgical treatments failed?

Hip injuries often fail to heal on their own, and it's not uncommon for conditions like arthritis to reach a point where pain cannot be managed with non-surgical techniques. Hip surgery--including hip replacement--can improve symptoms and help patients return to their normal activities. Keys to recovering quickly include:

  • Rehabilitation exercises, tailored to you
  • Returning to regular activities gradually
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep your joints in good shape

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